Reviving Our Reefs: Jejakin's Coral Transplantation Kickoff Program

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Indonesia has a valuable opportunity to utilize its vast blue carbon reserves, which comprise mangrove forests, seagrass beds, and salt marshes, for climate change mitigation and adaptation. These ecosystems serve as crucial carbon sequestration and storage solutions, while also protecting coastal communities from climate-related risks and preserving biodiversity and ecosystem services.

However, the increasing destruction of coastal ecosystems has the potential to release and exacerbate the amount of carbon dioxide going into water systems, equivalent to 19% of emissions related to tropical forest destruction.

To address this issue, the Indonesian government is fully committed to restoring their increasingly degraded blue carbon ecosystems by ensuring their inclusion in the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). One of the top priorities within the 2020-2024 National Medium-Term Development Plan, along with three other government development programs, is the establishment of guidelines for managing blue carbon ecosystems.

Various institutional and policy aspects are necessary to effectively implement the national strategy. These include the enactment of environmental regulations that support blue carbon initiatives, the formulation of national protocols for blue carbon strategies and action plans, and the acquisition of essential data required to meet the NDC targets. By strategically managing the blue carbon ecosystem to enhance climate resilience, Indonesia has the potential to significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 29% domestically and 41% globally by 2030.

Jejakin has taken the first step towards rehabilitating blue carbon ecosystems to support Indonesia's NDCs. Our visionary program seeks to play a vital role in the conservation and restoration of Indonesia's coral reefs, a crucial component of the blue carbon ecosystem.

Coral Reef Transplantation Program Kickoff

In May 2023, the Jejakin team, alongside dedicated volunteers from Jejakin Climate Defender, implemented the Coral Reef Transplantation Program in Pulau Pramuka, Kp. Seribu, DKI Jakarta. During this exciting kickoff program, the team engaged in insightful discussions and acquired valuable knowledge about Indonesia's coral reefs and the overall blue carbon ecosystem, as well as learning on how to transplant coral into the sea.

The discussion, led by our Impact Managers

The primary focus of this initiative was the transplantation of coral reefs onto the beach, a step towards bolstering the preservation and rehabilitation of these vital ecosystems. By promoting the growth and health of coral reefs, Jejakin aims to contribute significantly to the restoration of the blue carbon ecosystem across Indonesia.

Replanting the coral into the sea

Jejakin's dedication to rehabilitating blue carbon ecosystems is a promising step towards combatting climate change. By implementing effective programs, Indonesia can significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions both nationally and globally by 2030.

About Jejakin

Jejakin is a climate tech company that focuses on creating solutions to mitigate climate change. Utilizing AI and IoT as the foundation of our technology, Jejakin aims to establish a circular economy through our platform, accelerating our clients' journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.

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