#TanamPenuhDampak Initiative, Amartha’s Pursuit of Environmental Sustainability

Partner and NGO Highlights

"Gotong royong," deeply ingrained in Indonesian culture and passed down through generations, fosters a strong sense of togetherness and belonging. This essence has contributed to the growing popularity of crowdfunding as a means of fundraising. Simultaneously, a surge in startups offering crowdfunding-based products for investors and entrepreneurs has emerged.

Among these startups is Amartha, driven by a mission to promote shared prosperity by developing digital financial infrastructure for the grassroots economy. Through the provision of capital, investment, and payment services, Amartha empowers micro and small entrepreneurs, particularly women, and propels inclusive economic growth.

Amartha’s Journey to Foster Lasting Impact

Amartha's commitment extends beyond financial empowerment. In an effort to make an even greater impact, Amartha has unveiled its sustainability initiative, #TanamPenuhDampak. Partnering with Jejakin, they planted 1,000 mangrove trees along the pristine shores of Pantai Morodemak, Demak, Central Java, on August 10th, coinciding with Indonesia’s National Conservation Day (HKAN).

The planting event held in Pantai Morodemak, Central Java

This program demonstrates Amartha's alignment with the government's efforts to transition to zero carbon emissions, as emphasized in the Climate Change Conference (COP 26) outlined in the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). The hope is that after planting these mangrove trees, they will help balance carbon emissions (carbon offsetting) and make Amartha a carbon-neutral company in the future.

Planting the mangrove saplings, done with the spirit of gotong royong

Notably in 2022, Amartha had successfully carried out a similar program by planting 4,000 mangrove trees on a 4-hectares area along the coast of Tanakeke Island, South Sulawesi. This success serves as inspiration for Amartha to continue contributing to the sustainability of mangrove ecosystems in various regions of Indonesia.

As an inclusive financial service provider for the ultra-micro segment in rural areas, Amartha also encourages its investors to contribute by investing while donating mangrove trees in this program, with minimal investment of 5 million Rupiahs for one mangrove. In line with this commitment, Amartha also invites all layers of society to continue planting to maintain the balance of nature and biodiversity for the present and future generations.

About Jejakin

Jejakin is a climate tech company that focuses on creating solutions to mitigate climate change. Utilizing AI and IoT as the foundation of our technology, Jejakin aims to establish a circular economy through our platform, accelerating our clients' journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.

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