Building Sustainable and Greener Life with Alfamart Run 2023

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Alfamart, one of Indonesia's leading retail chains, recently organized their highly anticipated Alfamart Run 2023 on August 20th. This annual event, now in its second year, brought together 2,400 runners who converged at Plaza Timur Senayan to partake in either the 5K or 10K categories. Beyond the excitement of the race itself, Alfamart Run 2023 serves two purposes: promoting an active lifestyle and contributing to a greener environment through their #1pelari1pohon initiative (One Runner, One Tree).

The 10K runners at the start line / Documentation of Alfamart Run 2023

Alfamart's commitment to encouraging a healthier lifestyle among Indonesians shines through their Alfamart Run initiative. The event serves as a platform to inspire, motivate, and educate individuals about the importance of physical activity in their daily lives. By organizing this run, Alfamart aims to make a significant contribution to building a healthier Indonesia, one step at a time.

#1Pelari1Pohon: How Alfamart Commits to Nurture Sustainability

One of the most remarkable aspects of Alfamart Run 2023 is its commitment to environmental sustainability. Under their CSR program Alfamart For All, Alfamart planted 2,400 trees, matching the number of runners who participated in the event. These trees were strategically planted in five different locations across Indonesia, focusing on critical areas in need of reforestation.

The cities chosen for this program are Jakarta, Lampung, Bandung, Bali, and Riau. Mangrove saplings was planted in Jakarta, Bali, and Riau, meanwhile jackfruit saplings was planted in East Lampung, and manglid in Bandung. These plants serves different yet crucial impact for the areas environments.

In Jakarta, Bali, and Riau, Alfamart's initiative focused on planting mangrove saplings along the coastline. These mangroves serve as a natural buffer against coastal erosion and even tsunamis. Furthermore, they possess a remarkable capacity to absorb carbon dioxide, far surpassing that of tropical highland forests. Equally important, they provide sanctuary and shelter for a myriad of wildlife species.

Jejakin and Alfamart representatives posing together in TWA Angke, Jakarta

Jackfruit saplings, planted in Lampung, serves as not only to aid in carbon sequestration but also offer a source of high-protein food. Additionally, jackfruit trees promise to boost the local economy as their fruits are transformed into various processed products, providing another source of income for nearby residents.

Planting the jackfruit saplings by Alfamart representative

Manglid saplings that was planted in Bandung plays a vital role in this community's efforts to preserve the environment, enhance the local ecosystem, and generate income through sustainable practices.

The ceremony before planting manglid saplings in Citarum, Bandung

This program, in collaboration with Jejakin, serves the purpose of commitment to nurturing a healthier Indonesia and saving our tomorrow. Not only participates by planting the trees, it allows runners to monitor tree growth via email, receiving periodic updates after the event is over. This collaboration empowers participants with a sense of ownership and enables them to witness the tangible impact of their contribution to Indonesia's sustainability and environmental preservation.

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