5 Simple Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Climate changes

Did you know that Indonesia's carbon emission has increased by around 140 percent in the past 20 years?

According to research from Oxfam International, Indonesia's energy consumption has risen by 62.55 percent from 1990 to 2014, with electricity usage increasing tenfold in the last two decades.

Carbon emission refers to the amount of carbon or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated from various human activities over a specific period. Carbon emission has detrimental effects on the environment and our lives on Earth.

Reducing our carbon emission is crucial, as it has negative implications for many aspects of life on Earth, including air quality. So, how can we reduce our carbon emission?

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle

One relatively easy step to take is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reducing means cutting down on the consumption of carbon-intensive materials, such as reducing food waste. Reusing involves using disposable items multiple times, like using plastic or glass bottles for other purposes. Lastly, recycling involves turning waste or unused items into new products.

2. Switching to locally made products

Imported products undergo a long journey to reach our hands, involving various components that contribute to their carbon footprint. Therefore, reducing the purchase of imported products and switching to local products is essential. In addition to reducing the carbon emissions associated with product transportation, we can also support local economic growth.

3. Be mindful of your food consumption

Food waste plays a significant role in generating methane gas, one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Therefore, we can be more mindful when buying, processing, and consuming food. Additionally, we can turn organic waste into natural compost, which helps reduce carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

4. Switching to public transportation

Surprisingly, private vehicles are significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. This is mainly because most private vehicles still rely on fossil fuels. Let's opt for the public transportation available in our area.

5. Save electricity

In Indonesia, electricity generation still heavily relies on fossil fuels, adding to the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. We can start by unplugging electrical devices when they are not in use to contribute to a better Earth.

Although these approaches may seem small and simple, they can bring about significant changes. The key is to be consistent in our efforts, starting with ourselves. Moreover, we can also encourage those around us to join us in reducing their carbon emissions.

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